Lorza Photography

by: Fernando Lorza

My love for photography started as a hobby where I enjoyed taking self-portraits and photographing other people in my life. It was a hobby that became a passion and eventually one of the most important parts of my life, my photography career.

My interest in photography is not just to capture an image I see or have in mind. It is to explore the potential of these moments and create beautiful memories. The camera allows me to forget that I am present; being behind the lens gives me a different perspective on what I see and how I see it, allowing me to pay attention to the little details. This is why my photographs aim to make people realize that they are special and that emotions that cannot be expressed with words can be captured through visuals.

Photography is a way of feeling, touching, and loving. What we capture in life will be held forever to remember the small things. Capturing a moment in life requires more than just passion and love; it takes dedication, hard work, creativity, and commitment to provide you with the memories you deserve and expect.

That is why I invite you to take a look at some of my work and experience everything that is behind it.